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Tips to control your blood pressure

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A. Low salt diet- Experiments show that taking less salt (<2gm/day) is associated with a decrease in blood pressure as well as reduction in medications.

  • yoga-is-best-for-control-BP


B. Exercise/Yoga/Meditation: Only 30mins daily for 5 days a week is sufficient to get maximum benefit.

                             Exercise – walking, jogging, Swimming, Aerobic exercises.

                             Yoga –    Pranayam, Alom- vilom.

                             Meditation – Relaxation and Anger control techniques.

C. Measure BP at home Regularly if

    • Family history is positive
    • If you  are diabetic, Obese
    • If you have heart, kidney, or thyroid disorder
    • If you had a previous attack of MI/stroke

D. Lose weight if you’re overweight or obese.

E. Take medicines regularly

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  • Eat too much salty food (try to stay under 2 grams per day) – Avoid salty snacks, biscuits, namkeen, pickles, Spicy foods and Non-veg Diets.
  • Eat foods high in saturated or trans fats – Non-veg diets, dalda or non refined oil in large amount.
  • Smoke or use tobacco
  • Drink too much alcohol  – Not more than 2 drinks for male and 1 drinks for females.
  • Miss or share medication.

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