HYPERTENSION- Definition, Uncommon Types & Causes[Complete]

HYPERTENSION: Hypertension is a clinical condition where the BP of the body is elevated more than normal &  it leads to damage of various body organs if not controlled. Therefore it is very vital to have clear concepts of the definition, causes, and effects of HTN on vital organs, symptoms, sign and management of hypertension. […]

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what is Blood Pressure (रक्तचाप क्या है? )

INTRODUCTION Measuring  blood pressure of patients is a vital clinical skill that needs to be learned and practiced. Below are videos on concepts, mechanisms, and methods for measuring blood pressure followed by questions on blood pressure in the quick notes heading. 1. What is Blood Pressure?   2. BLOOD PRESSURE (BP) – CONCEPT, KOROTKOFF SOUND,

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Introduction to Neurology

Friends, Neurology is the only branch where clinical symptoms and signs if elicited skillfully and intelligently lead to the diagnosis of the disease, but for this knowledge of the underlying anatomy and physiology of the nervous system, vascular supply, neuropathology, psychology, psychiatry, neuropharmacology, and related disciplines is the utmost requirement. In the coming videos, we

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